Sales Interior Designer

Roles & Responsibilities

>> Use software to create detailed 2D or 3D designs for complex projects.

>> Collaborate with others to establish timelines and budgets, as well as solve problems.

>> Works with clients to determine initial goals and requirements for the space to be designed

>> Knowledge of industry, and materials.


Accounts and Administrative Assistant

Roles & Responsibilities

>> Maintaining physical and digital personnel records like employment contracts.

>> Must have basic knowledge in Accounting

>> Prepare account reports and invoices

>> To provide direct administrative support to interior designers.

>> Assist Interior Designer to prepare quotation for clients.

Digital Marketing Executive

Roles & Responsibilities

>> A Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience/ Diploma in Marketing is an advantage.

>> Extensive knowledge of the company’s preferred software.

>> Minimum 1 year experience and/or fresh graduate

>> Ability to collaborate with others to solve problems.

>> Flexible and willing to learn more about marketing