Kitchen Waterproofing Singapore

Kitchen Waterproofing Singapore

Having an effective waterproofing service is vital for the health of you and your family, and in the prevention of costly damage caused by water infiltration. The appearance of fungi including mould and mildew impose various health hazards caused by water penetration in kitchens. A connection between exposure to mould and respiratory issues has been established by the USA Institute of Medicine (IOM), particularly putting children and older people in danger. Moreover, mildew has also been known to cause allergic reactions, as well as breathing problems. A further issue that can affect the health of you and your family include diseases from insect infestations, commonly occurring from water seepages through cracks in the walls. These insect problems and fungi formation only become worse with Singapore’s humid climate.
Being classified as a wet area, waterproofing in kitchens is mandatory. According to the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), only an “experienced and qualified” waterproofing contractor should carry out home waterproofing. They also highlight the importance of applying the right waterproofing materials and allowing it to cure.
Kitchens are significant when selling a home, and a well-waterproofed kitchen will serve as a very attractive proposition to prospective buyers.
Having effective waterproofing in your kitchen will help reduce costs for maintenance as well as potentially large expenses to repair structural damages caused by seepage of water.

Here are 5 common indications that you may need new kitchen waterproofing:
– Cracks on floors or walls
– Water staining on walls or floors
– Unpleasant odours
– Rotting timbers
– Corrosion of metal fixtures, such as pipes

Having proper waterproofing is not only essential in the prevention of health hazards, but long-term structural damage as well. While it can be obvious when a pipe has burst, more destruction can be caused by water seepage, commonly going unnoticed until damage has been done.

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