What is Authority Submission?

Before the initiation of any Commercial/Office/Retail Renovation works, it is a a law in Singapore to request for a Renovation permit from the building management, and other particular legal authorities such as FSSD (Fire Safety and Shelter Department) from Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) and BCA (Building and Construction Authority).

SCDF FSSD and BCA Submissions and Approvals from the authorities take time, and if you are not recognizable with the policies, it may alter your Renovation plans. If any Renovation works cannot meet the FSSD or BCA regulations and general guidelines, it is likely to cause a double job, which you will surely cost more time and money!

So, it is more sensible to involve the experts to help you plan, design submission, and follow up with the authorities. We will provide All forms, documents,/information are fully and correctly completed upon request to avoid denial. This will save your valuable resource/time to concentrate on your business affairs.

BCA Demolition Submissions

Demolition works execute to clear a site for later constructions. Demolition is carried out for old buildings, landed homes and even industrial buildings. A demolition submission request shall be submitted to BCA before demolition works can be initiated on-site.

How we can help

Should you require to carry out a demolition submission, get in touch with us.