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Canopies can be used for both outdoor and indoor purposes. They come in different types of fabric which can either be acrylic fabric, vinyl, glass, or membrane PVC. The outdoor canopies come with water-resistant fabric that should keep the canopies strong and improve their durability. Other forms of fabric can either be polished, light translucent fabric or thick, long-lasting fabric. Depending on the design and location where you want to fix your canopy, the company will advise you accordingly.

Let a canopy awning be more than just a shade for your home or business. A well-chosen canopy can add a comfortable, homely feel to your patio or become a focal point in your garden. It can improve your interior by fittingly complementing your existing furniture and fixtures

Likewise Canopy awnings can be a wonderful idea to embrace clients into restaurants, shops, and hotels. This contributes further character to any façade and offers limitless potential to a building’s decor.

Canopy Fabric 

Acrylic Fabric

Acrylic fabric remains one of the best canopy fabrics you can consolidate in your plan. The acrylic fabrics are multi-purpose and could be formed to produce many of designs. The fabric is tough enough to avoid dmanges that could occur in sun and rain leak. The fabric is also a solution coloured to ensure the color stays sound for a very long time.

Other additional features of this fabric include:

-The fabric has maximum stress resistance.

-It also has long lasting colors

-It is stain resistant.

-The fabric is also immune to decaying and atmospheric factors.

-It also has excellent water repellent and air permeability.

-It is also heat resistant which guarantees the fire doesn’t spread.


Vinyl-covered fabrics one of the perfect material choices for awnings when back lighting and lighting are needed on the projects. Vinyl fabrics are proactive in treating dew and UV but can not cope with the damp conditions. They are ideal for establishments where light and strength is required.

Membrane PVC / Sail Shade

The fabric is covered with PVC polyester, which is water-resistant and has advanced artistical appearances. Due to technology improvement, the fabric is also coated with varnish, an all-time weather-resistant composite. This crucial part also makes the material easier for washing and maintenance.

Some of the added features include:

-It is high-pressure immune.

-It is incredibly lightweight.

-It is also UV repellent and can simply be shaped to whichever shape.

-It is fire-resistant.

Glass fiber

In enhancing high-quality fabrics and adjustable aluminium frames, glass fibres are a lightweight choice as they can be shaped in any shape. They are thick and somewhat transparent by nature so that full sunlight can enter. The best thing about translucent models is that they dramatically reduce the risk of power interruptions. The only limitation is that they are easily breakable and need to be replaced in time.

We specialise in all sorts of fabric canopy design, installation, repairs and maintenance in Singapore. We extend our assistance to landed hiuses – apartments, condominiums, offices, shops, cafe restaurants, factory and building complexes.

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