Cleaning Services Singapore

Cleaning  Services Singapore 

Here at Design Cliniq, we take pride in ensuring quality of service that we provide to our clients. We guarantee professional cleaning services, housekeeping, and specialised cleaning services for all areas of your property. With us, you can maintain high standards of cleanliness for not only your family, but your colleagues and everyone around you.

Reduced spread of diseases

When a virus spreads from one employee to another, most firms struggle. Production slows when many of your most valuable employees are absent. Whether an illness is harming your sales, deliveries, or any other aspect of your business, preventing disease spread is critical. Even when employees are told to stay at home if they are sick, many ignore the advice and spread the virus around the company by touching various surfaces, which are subsequently contacted by others, and so on. A thorough, professional cleaning is critical to keeping your employees healthy and preventing the spread of the latest illness.

In order to prevent the transmission of disease, a complete cleaning of the entire workplace is essential. To avoid employee disease, all communal areas, such as bathrooms, breakrooms, and training rooms, must be cleansed. Many businesses understand that investing in no-touch wastebaskets, hand-drying systems, and soap dispensers may help ensure that all shared areas are disinfected. Sanitizing locations such as desks, doorknobs, faucets, and phones on a daily basis is recommended by the CDC. Our expert staff at Design Cliniq can advise you on the most effective cleaning processes and materials to help prevent the spread of hazardous viruses. Viruses can survive on a surface such as a desk, workstation, or table for up to 48 hours, posing a risk of infection to others.

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