Algae and mould removal

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Professional care is required to prevent the spread of mould in your business or home. Our professionals here at Design cliniq will locate and destroy mold where it emerges, clear the air of the minuscule spores it utilizes to reproduce, and take proactive actions to prevent future mold issues. We do a variety of services including black mould removal, algae cleaning, and algae removal.

The algae and mould removal process

  1. Inspection
  • Our mold experts will visit your home and do a visual assessment to determine the cause of the mold. We will trace any moisture findings back to the source using moisture meters and humidity meters, then tell you of our findings and give you thorough advise on how to halt the mold’s main cause in its tracks. Following that, we will provide a thorough report on our findings and diagnosis, as well as recommendations for doable and realistic prevention measures and remedies. We can gather air samples and swab samples and send them to the lab for incubation and culturing to determine mould numbers and species in special circumstances.


  1. Correction
  • Any direct sources of water, such as subfloor water seepage, leaking pipes, leaking roofs, leaking ceilings, and leaking gutters, must be stopped. Following our inspection, we will advise you on what needs to be done. The wetness inside the house should not be dried before the mold is removed, as the air movers will encourage the mold spores to spread.


  1. Removal
  • The procedure begins with a mist application of our non-toxic, non-hazardous mold remover. This disinfectant is made entirely of natural components and is used in hospitals. Asthmatics and allergy sufferers are unaffected by the chemical. Our one-of-a-kind chemical kills mold at the spore level and has a long-lasting effect that helps prevent future mold growth on any surface to which it is applied.


  1. Drying out
  • If there is any moisture present, it must be dried out. We have air movers (blowers) and dehumidifiers that we will bring to the job site to dry out the building so that the structure remains dry. Mold will continue to grow if this is not done, and cleaning mould will be and endless cycle. It’s critical not to try to dry off affected areas before the mold is removed, as this could spread mold spores even further.


  1. Prevention
  • It’s now time to ensure that our mold removal is long-lasting. This is only possible if the initial root cause is addressed. We’ll help you figure out what you need to do to get there. Subfloor ventilation, rising damp treatment, drainage improvements, landscaping improvements, introduction of dehumidifiers, repair of guttering and down pipes, improving overall ventilation and airflow, cutting back of trees, waterproofing and bathroom ventilation are just a few of the most common preventative maintenance requirements.

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