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A full range of home cleaning services are provided here at Design Cliniq. This includes both regular cleaning services and one-time cleaning services such as move in cleaning, move out cleaning, spring cleaning, and after party cleaning. We desire having a long-term relationship with our customers and do so by being able to provide quality cleaning services that cover every aspect of your home.

Areas in your house that require regular cleaning services

Did you know there are numerous hot spots in every room of your house that act as breeding grounds for germs and contaminants? Let us explore some of them here:

Bathrooms & Toilets: The bathrooms & toilets in your house require cleaning every week in order to prevent the growth of germs and bacteria. Always ensure that your toothbrush in kept in a case in order to prevent germs spreading through contact with other toothbrushes, or germs from other areas of your bathroom. Make it a habit to put the toilet lid down before you flush your toilet. Flushing your toilet when the lid is open allows very small particles of water to contaminate items in your toilet such as your toothbrush.

Kitchen Basin: It is essential that your kitchen basin is cleaned regularly. After washing your utensils or doing the dishes, ensure that no food remains are left in the basin, and is properly disposed of. Your kitchen basin and faucets have to be cleaned regularly to avoid germs as they like to grow in warm, wet, and dark areas.

TV remote control:  A household item that is constantly being touched and sed by everyone in the house. They are easily dropped on the floor, getting stuck in the sofa, or even getting coughed on sneezed on. Making it a good practice to clean it regularly is important due to its frequent handling and exposure to germs.

Find out more about the different areas that we provide cleaning services in, such as kitchens, floor, roof, windows, and toilets right here in our website. Do feel free to contact us for a consultation on the services provided, or if you have any area in mind not mentioned that you seek service in.

Design CliniQ’s House Cleaning Services in Singapore

Welcome to Design CliniQ, where we understand the essence of a pristine home. Our professional cleaning services in Singapore are meticulously tailored to cater to your household’s specific needs. In our fast-paced lives, maintaining a clean and hygienic space is crucial, and at Design CliniQ, we specialize in delivering exceptional cleaning solutions. From kitchens to roofs, our dedicated services ensure your home is not just clean but a sanctuary of pure hygiene and sparkling freshness across Singapore’s vibrant landscapes.

Kitchen Cleaning

At Design CliniQ, we offer comprehensive kitchen cleaning services that meticulously eliminate grease, grime, and bacteria, providing a spotless and hygienic cooking area for your family’s well-being.

Floor Cleaning

Our expert cleaners employ specialized methods for various flooring types, revitalizing their appearance and hygiene, ensuring your floors reflect the pinnacle of cleanliness.

Roof Cleaning

Design CliniQ specializes in roof maintenance, using safe and effective techniques to remove debris, moss, and stains, preserving your roof’s integrity and enhancing its longevity.

Window Cleaning

Discover clarity and shine anew with our professional window cleaning services, ensuring streak-free, crystal-clear views of the world outside.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Rejuvenate tiles and grout with our specialized tools and solutions, eliminating stubborn stains and restoring their original luster, making your spaces gleam with freshness.

Toilet Cleaning

Our attention to detail ensures thorough disinfection and sanitation of toilets, leaving them impeccably clean, germ-free, and devoid of unpleasant odors.

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