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Our kitchens are most commonly the most used areas in our homes. It is also the most dangerous area in our home when it comes to its ability to facilitate the growth of germs and bacteria that are very harmful to the people that enter and live in your home. There are various types of common bacteria that can cause humans to get sick, such as salmonella, e-Coli, and listeria. These types of bacteria can easily be passed from person to person due to cross contamination.  You also have to be extra careful as people in your home like children, elderly, pregnant women, and people with low immunity are more prone to get seriously affected.

Moreover, a kitchen is prone to have food waste and grease that accumulate in all different parts of your kitchen. If regular cleaning is not practiced, pests may start find their way into your kitchen uninvited also carrying a variety of diseases and germs into your home. Ovens are usually very likely to have grease and food splattered all over its sides and grills that can cause danger if not [properly cleaned and degreased. Not only does it make cooking inefficient, but the food splatters will also continue to burn and may result in fires when its flammable point has been reached.

The kitchen cleaning services provided here at Design Cliniq:

  • Cleaning of walls and floors
  • Washing and cleaning of kitchen sinks
  • Wiping and cleaning of counter tops
  • Cleaning of stove and hood
  • Wiping the exterior of kitchen appliances
  • Wiping and cleaning or cabinet and fixtures
  • Removing of hard water deposits from kitchen facets

Enjoy our one stop cleaning services here at Design Cliniq! By providing professional cleaning services with many years of experience, we guarantee your ability to sit back and relax.

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