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The necessity of projecting a positive image to visitors and clients is recognized by savvy business owners. Clients and employees may need to use the restrooms on your business premises, and it is critical that you provide a good first impression and provide a pleasant experience. That is why it is critical to keep your facility’s restrooms as clean as possible.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring the professionals here at Design Cliniq to clean your toilet:

  • Professional commercial toilet cleaners have the knowledge, tools, and supplies to clean your toilets far more thoroughly than an ordinary maid. They also have the manpower to complete this process fast and efficiently.
  • Because we rely on word-of-mouth advertising, we make sure that you and your family will be glad to use your toilets once we clean them. As a result, we take toilet cleaning very seriously. We’ve worked hard to earn a good reputation, and we’re committed to maintaining it by providing the best service possible.
  • We utilize the best cleaning materials available to ensure cleanliness and hygiene. To keep hazardous bacteria at bay, we keep the toilets and washing facilities clean and sterilized.
  • For long-term clientele, we offer special pricing. You won’t have to carry any inventory because we use industrial-grade equipment and high-quality cleaning materials. You’ll save money and storage space, and you will be able to focus on more important duties like your jobs or day to day activities.

Here are some of the areas we attend to when cleaning your toilets:

  • Wiping all of the light fittings
  • Cleaning, shining, and polishing the faucets, basins, and showers
  • Cleaning of the mirrors, soap stands, and windows
  • Scrubbing of the toilet walls and floors
  • Marble polish, or polishing of any surfaces
  • Removing any stains and marks from the walls and mirrors
  • Sanitizing of the entire toilet bowl, and ensure that it is clean shiny and germ free

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