Balcony Tiling Singapore

Balcony Tiling Singapore

Balcony flooring choices are numerous and diverse.

  1. Stone Balcony Flooring
  2. Wooden Balcony Decking
  3. Balcony Decking Tiles
  4. Composite Balcony Decking

Balcony & Roof Terrace Tiles

If you’re looking to renovate your roof patio or enhance your balcony, our experienced and professional team is ready to serve you. Design CliniQ will help you to choose your dream tiles from a wide variety of styles, colours and textures – we’ve got tiles to suit all tastes!

When tiling balconies, a typical error most tilers make is that they do not spend the additional time to waterproof the balcony precisely.

Why is this necessary? If the waterproofing is done correctly, it serves as a membrane, stopping water draining through to the materials below, stopping unnecessary harm and leakages over time.

Our tilers take excellent care in securing the balconies the tile are waterproofed perfectly then screeded to produce the fall for water to reach to the drainage point. This guarantees that the end result will not only look fantastic but will also be long-lasting.

Expert Installers

Are you interested in using our balcony installation service? Would you like our expert installers to manage the hard work when you sit back and watch your living space transform before your eyes? If so, please get in touch with Design CliniQ.