Bathroom Tiling Singapore

Bathroom Tiling Singapore

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home; it’s a spot to relax. That’s why your bathroom installation needs to be designed and installed by professionals.


Cracked tiles and loose grout don’t just indicate that you need to replace the tiles. It’s also a sign that the wall has water leakage. Mould and decay can occur back of the tiles. The dampness can also spread to the neighbouring drywall or the wooden boards. We are a local bathroom tile installer who can eliminate water-damaged surfaces and give your shower a water-tight seal.


Bath and bathroom tile do a lot to defend your walls from damp, but they can’t prevent everything. Reliable tile contractors install many layers of security, such as a vapour guard and water-resistant film and we are capable of:


  • Remove and replace shower walls tiles.
  • Use shatter-proof and water-resistant elements for a long-lasting repair.
  • Finish your bathroom tiling with beautiful patterns.


Retiling your bathroom with new tiles can make the whole room look new. Make sure you’re preparing a beautiful and high-quality tiling job by looking for local professionals like us.

Bathroom Wall and Floor Tiles

Tiles are necessary for your bathroom to look elegant and stylish. We specialise in toilet and bathroom tiling and we use only high-quality materials and professional installers to achieve the best result.


We can provide professional guidance and advice about achieving the result you are looking for. We can also assist you with your bathroom design and layout, waterproofing and tile material.

Toilet Tiling

We offer various bathroom, shower, toilet tiling services to residential, commercial and industrial projects in Singapore. Free consultation and quote available for all our services; we can carry out professional wall, and floor tiling work at an affordable cost.


We are dedicated to delivering the best feasible set of assistance to all our customers. Our experienced and welcoming team will always obtain the solution you want for your space, building bespoke looks that fulfil your expectations and providing equivalent great consideration to detail over to each project.

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