Herringbone Tiling Singapore

Herringbone tiles are able to transform your home entirely. While you consider of herringbone tiling you will normally think of floor tiling, but there is a huge demand for this pattern filtering through to other surfaces within the home, bathroom especially feature walls. It adds uniqueness and style to spaces and is a great way to build that eye-catching statement you want to see when you walk through the door.


If you’re getting a new home or renovating the place where you already live, the pantry and the washroom are the two of the most essential rooms in the house. A bold, beautiful kitchen makes a huge impact on friends and family alike, and the bathroom design can upgrade any house from average to exceptional.

Herringbone tile pattern improves your space & gives a modern look. The popular geometric design is fitting for both contemporary and period properties, helping to add that special touch of richness. Herringbone patterns go well with any space, adding that additional sense of flow and increasing small spaces. They serve to cost a little more but have a stunning effect and the most significant thing is it will never date.

This layout can look especially stylish when paired with a contrasting grout colour, such as grey grout with white tile, emphasising the geometric pattern.

When it comes to home interiors, you don’t have to fully decorate a room to include this timeless design into a room. Simply by combining throws protecting your sofa or a monochrome rug, you can build an on-trend pop of design in any room without cracking the bank. Adding herringbone tiles can upgrade your interiors effectively.


Different Types of Herringbone Tiles 


  • Granite Herringbone
  • Marble Herringbone
  • Herringbone backsplash
  • Charcoal Herringbone
  • Wood Herringbone
  • Herringbone Mural


Advantages of Herringbone Tiling Pattern


As stated earlier, the herringbone tile design has been around for a while, and certain advantages go along with this point.

First, a herringbone tile floor doesn’t need any unique tiles or further cutting to be laid. While other patterns may require tiles to be cut to a particular size, herringbone floors use regular rectangular tiles, which can be easily found at any hardware or home repair store.

Second, the herringbone pattern is a tried-and-true system of tile-laying, which means that it’s both easier to lay down and easier to personalise! Using a darker grout on a lighter tile can make the design pop for a modern, glamorous feel. If you require a more pleasant or rustic look, on the other hand, try using a grout colour that matches the colour of the tile.

Finally, herringbone tile can make the most straightforward spaces look more eye-catching. A plain white tile, if laid in a herringbone pattern, can elevate the area that you’re remodelling. It all as per the tile you use, and a herringbone tile floor can go a long way towards making your new or remodelled house feel more and more like home.


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