Interior Design Planning Singapore

Whether you’re renovating or designing your entire home/office or only looking to renew a corner, our Interior designing team is here to plan everything for you. We offering step-by-step direction from spatial planning to furniture selection, our team of designers are experts in bringing a space to life.

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“Our personalised consultation service helps you create

a perfect space to bring your home to life”

Joanne Tee – Interior Designer

Our bespoke service includes 3 easy steps:

Step -1 


One of our dedicated interior designers will meet you in person to create a brief. This is an excellent occasion to brainstorm ideas about what you want to accomplish, collect ideas and inspiration, as well as take a first look at some potential design models and our previous works 


Site Visit

The designer who assigned for you will visit your place to get a feel for your style and flavour. They will collect specific and accurate measurements and put together a design that will truly follow the needs of your space. 



Your interior designer will put together a bespoke presentation helping you to visualise how your chosen designs will look in your space. It combines with the floor plan and product specifications to help visualise the final look and feel.

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Things to consider before your discussion: 

1. How will your space be used and by who?

2. Will your place undergo any structural changes in the next 5 years?

3. Do you have a clear view of what you’re looking for?

4. What is your budget?

5. Does your project have a deadline?