Office Furniture Installation

Design CliniQ installs new or used office furniture for our customers. With practice in every primary office system on the market, our team of experienced installers can build work conditions specific to your needs. So, whether you have a small office with one cubicle or manage a large corporate office with hundreds of cubicles, Design CliniQ can set up your cubicle furniture carefully, securely and professionally.

Office Furniture Installation Singapore

Why Design CliniQ

  • Friendly, Experienced and certified work force
  • Re-configurations
  • New and Used Office Furniture installations
  • Flexible scheduling to reduce confusion
  • Serving all over in Singapore

We can install everything you require to make your office place work ready. This includes the following:

  • Systems Furniture
  • Private Offices
  • Conference Rooms
  • Office Seating
  • Lounge Furniture
  • Filing Cabinets
  • Storage Cabinets
  • Auditorium Seating
  • Floor-to-Ceiling Partitions
  • Wall Boards
  • Overhead Bin Compartments
  • Free Standing or Component Shelving
  • Desktops
  • Pedestals
  • Task Lighting
  • Floor-to-Ceiling Walls
  • Modular Partitions
  • Storage Cabinets
  • Conference Tables and Chairs
  • Reception Stations
  • Casual Seating

How We Install

Our installation method begins with a free site visit to your office location, where we examine any available information, plans, documents and drawings and meet with relevant staff to get a complete understanding of the project.

Working with all possible information, we give a free assessment, including the project’s scope, keeping in mind your deadlines, budget and any other critical elements of the job. This may involve anything from installation, reconfiguration, maintenance, or project management.

As the installation proceeds, our project manager proceeds to work closely with you to manage the installation at each stage to make sure it goes smoothly and as proposed. A set of checkpoints help ensure the quality of the work, from the consolidation of the first panels to the completion of the entire work. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

When We Install

Design CliniQ installations happen when you need them. Eventhouh most work is planned during normal working hours, we know that unique circumstances need special consideration. Ask our team about normal office hour, after-hour and weekend installation options.