Wall painting Singapore

Wall Painting Singapore

Professional wall painting service in Singapore

Design CliniQ Offers

  • Wall painting workers near you all week round
  • Silky wall painting, done by experts
  • Materials can be shopped and delivered upon demand
  • Free video survey before your wall painting service

Best painters in Singapore

Delivering painting and projects in a brief time span, done to a high standard and within budget.

Magnificent interior and exterior wall painting service for a dashier home

Apart from painting walls, our team can also renew the look of windows, door frames, doors, and that of many other wood items. Before applying the paint, we will also take our time to thoroughly examine each surface for defects and give an elegant solution. And after each home interior painting work, the experts will always leave your room just as tidy as they found it.

Interior Painting

If you are thinking on renovating the interior of your house there are a few things to reflect.

Are you going for a paint surface, or would you choose wallpaper? We see many customers opting for a blend of the two, with painted walls and a feature wall using wallpaper.

​Having your interior renovated, whether it is a lounge, kitchen or a bedroom, is so much more than just painting. Are you searching for a whole new colour theme to improve your room, or a simple clean up? Painting helps protect walls, and we will protect any cracks and imperfections are repaired before the painting begins.

Exterior Painting Service Singapore 

Considering the exterior of your home painted helps keep the brickwork, and can help to make your house looks beautiful. We use the greatest quality paints and can discuss your choices with you.

​As well as painting the exterior, we can take care of painted window frames and door frames.

​Our work takes us all across Singapore and we have many satisfied clients all across the country.