Aluminium composite panels are lightweight cladding panels ideal for external facades and fillets.

This mixed material makes it one of the ideal solutions for using a roofing solution for all kinds of properties.

Applications of Aluminium Composite Panels

ACP – Aluminium Composite panel is one of the most ideal construction element when it comes to modern architectural and interior designs solutions. Considering to the ever-growing requirement, there are now several people are engaged in aluminium composite panel roofing. Design CliniQ has many years of experience when it comes to modern-day aluminium composite panel sheets installation in Singapore. Over the years, Design CliniQ has gained experience in the installation of aluminium composite panels that are perfect for a variety of applications; here are some of the major applications of this wonder material:

  • Cladding for walls and ceilings
  • Partitions
  • Hoarding and fencing
  • Cabinet doors and splashback
  • Pipe boxing and column casing
  • Vehicle bodywork and interiors
  • Signs and displays


Premium Quality Aluminium Composite Panels Roofing Service Singapore

ACP panels are strong they are also less in weight and can be flexible and folded. Available in 3mm thickness, the panels are ideal for both interior and exterior usage and cladding applications. The panels are also apt for the screen, digital printing and graphic applications.

What Benefits You Will Get with the installation of Aluminium Composite Panels?


Ability to be converted into various shapes, the panel is fit for increased demand for better design and architecture. It allows arched surfaces to be covered in attractive colours to create a new style in buildings and constructions.

Our material is also firm, light in weight and long-lasting and has good heat and sound protecting properties.

Other advantaged of Aluminium Composite Panels roofing include ease of maintenance, suitability for all seasons, easy of machining and construction, fire retardant, quake proof, surface flatness, high corrosion resistance and therefore will not rust to stain adjacent surfaces and non-toxic.

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