Allow natural light to flood your rooms.

Glass Roofs

Whether you are thinking about an extension, tackling a renovation plan or building your perfect new-build home, laminated glass roofing is a choice for you.

From one-storey extensions combining a flat roof that highlights fashionable, frameless glass lights to fill the extra space with sunlight, through to a glasshouse roof or renovation project with a custom-built lean-to glass roof that gives the ultimate in contemporary designs, our glass roofs are bespoke created and built to order to your exact specifications.

For those looking to add more time to an actual property without taking on a full-extension, then our roofing solutions are perfect for including porches to add to the time you can use outside and allow you to obtain use of your patio during the wet season.

Fully customisable

 All single glass roof, despite of style, is created and built to your exact requirements.

Shield from the sun

 All of our lights and lean-to glass roofs feature solar-control double glazed units as standard to limit the consequences of sunlight.

Tried and tested

 Design CliniQ has been handling roof solutions for years, providing you with perfect peace of mind for your build.

Easy clean

 The glasses in all of our glass roofs emphasises an easy-clean coating, decreasing your need to sustain them clean and therefore increase the light.

·    Excellent design to provide stylish results.

·    Fill your house full of natural light all year round.

·    Complete adaptability in design

Lean-to glass roofs

Our lean-to glass roofs are perfect for expansion or renovation projects, using thermally cracked aluminium rafters to give large glass roofs with a minimal frame.

Each roof is custom-designed with the pitch, width and depth tailored to your exact specifications and can add an unsupported span of up to 6m – perfect for including bi-fold or sliding doors underneath.

Glass roof lights

With no apparent frame when viewed from underneath, our minimalist glass lights maximise the amount of glass and add height to any room.

Ideal for flat-roofed extensions, they can draw light further into a home to create bright, contemporary living spaces.

Flat roof lights

With the outside frame of the roof lights hidden when viewed from below, our flat roof lights are a hugely popular choice for flat or pitched roofs.

Available as fixed units or intended to include manual, electronic or automatic openings, our roof lights are idea for expansion or renovation projects and ideally suited for filling the room underneath full of light.

Patio terrace roofs

A patio terrace roof in the garden does not just mean additional space, it adds more usable outdoor space for more of the year.

When the dry season, the patio becomes the perfect relaxing space and combining a patio roof increases the amount of time you can make use of the garden and protects you from the elements.

Why choose a Design CliniQ for glass roofing needs?

With many years of roofing solutions, our glass roofing services are distinguished for its quality and innovation.

Whether you opt for an individual roof or incorporate it with any combination of doors or windows, you are assured of a consistent design and stylish, contemporary appearance.

Advantages of Glass Roofing

A Glass Roof is one unique feature that can bring an abundance of natural light into your interiors thereby not only helping in energy savings but also providing stunning exterior views. By allowing daylight to enter your room from top, far beyond the traditional windows and wall, Grass Roofs are an excellent option to reduce your electricity bills. Not to mention the expanse of space that a transparent roof brings to the indoors. Besides interiors, Glass Roofs are an ideal choice to cover even outdoor areas and decks with openness, visibility and at the same time giving protection against the elements. Not only does it perform the typical function of an Awning but also extends the same to convert the outdoor space into a conservatory or entertainment area.