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M Panel is a 36” broad opened fastened panel suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications. This handy ridged panel can be installed over open framing or a hard substrate, giving unlimited design opportunities, including wall, interior liner, soffit, and roof applications.


There is a motive for why metal Sheet roofing does such a lasting impression.

Because it’s as strong and durable as it is stunning, we are not just speaking years of worry-free living. We are talking about decades. The common guarantee on a metal roof is half a century—longer than most people are in their homes! Strength is just one of the trademarks of the M Panel metal roofs. With extra coverage over standard/conventional panels and pre-painted bars, they offer decreased labour cost and a solid, neat impression. Maintenance is exceptionally low, and potential energy savings as well as corrosion and fire resistance add value to your home. No wonder it is such an intelligent choice!

Available Colours 


 24 and 22 Gauge Steel

 0.032 Aluminium



 Uses: Roof, Wall, Soffit, Ceiling, Fascia, Mansard, Sheathing, Screen Wall

 Coverage: 36″

 Finishes: Smooth corrugated

 Fasteners: Exposed

 Applications: Vertical on Roof or Mansard; vertical or horizontal over open framing or solid sheathing for other uses



 The panel is ready from the factory in constant lengths to a maximum of 40’

 Structural characteristics allow it to utilize as a sheathing choice

 Estimate 115 fasteners/sq

 Use inside and outside foam closures to help block air infiltration at ridges, eaves, head walls, etc.

 Use expandable foam filler tape per installation details at closure at hips and valleys

 Use mastic sealant tape per installation details at panel end laps, side laps, skylights, with foam closure, etc.



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