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Expert Roof supply & Installation


Looking for a reliable installer of metal and steel roofing supplies? Pick up the phone and ring to our customer service, selection, industry know-how, and price. Having been installers of steel and metal roofing for many years, we understand the importance of offering high quality supplies. We happily work on commercial and residential projects across Singapore, providing exceptional steel and metal supplies for roof replacement and restoration jobs.

We provide supplies for Commercial, residential and industrial steel roofing, and our experienced installers fit roofs and walls for projects of all sizes. With our skilled and trained installers offering incomparable advice, we’re able to tackle complex jobs successfully.

Known for our speciality in the fabrication, supply and fit of metal roofing in residential projects, our team is more than able to meet your design brief. From modern to classic styles, our experience as steel roofing installers is excited to bring your dream to life.

We are a Singapore owned and operated business, our roofing team has been trained by highly experienced roofing experts with many years of industry-trusted experience. Therefore, our training is great and is displayed within the quality of our work. Worry-free with our Better warranty, available through professional installers.



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