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Being the most exposed to external rainwater, balconies are the most vulnerable part of your home. With Design Cliniq, we are able to help you protect your balcony, and ensure that no leaks will come in the way of you and the relaxing resting place in your home. Being permanently exposed to changes in temperature also makes waterproofing your balcony top priority, as a poorly maintained will only lead to further leakage issues down the road.

With Singapore’s tropical climate, our balconies experience extreme weather conditions such as hot weather and stormy days, causing water leakages in the long run. This is due to the variation in temperatures as well as exposure to rain that create leaks and damps.

Balcony leakages most commonly occur in homes or offices resulting in the formation of stains and moulds. However, the problem may go unnoticed as the cracks in a balcony waterproof system could be so tiny that they are not visible, yet still being able to cause leaks.

A good indication that water has been accumulated overtime somewhere is the formation of water stains and moulds. Do keep in mind the following indicators below as well and check your balcony and its surroundings now and then. If you notice any of them occurring, water leakage repairs might be necessary.

Here are 5 common indications that you may need new balcony waterproofing:

  • Appearance of Stains or Mould
  • Cracks In Walls or Flooring
  • Paint Wearing Off
  • Musty smells
  • Evidence of Efflorescence, which usually occurs due to the build up of salts. Efflorescence can only occur when water is present, making it a clear signa of improper drainage.

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