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Our roof waterproofing experts are heavily equipped in handling any roof waterproofing issues. Our roof waterproofing solutions ensure that your roof will be secured with protection for years, against the harshest of conditions. In Singapore, it is essential to have a reliable roof waterproofing system. Without it, your roof will suffer from water damages, leading to structural damages and incurring more cost of repairs moving forward.
Here are 6 common indications that you may need our roof waterproofing services:
– Water stains running down your walls
– Musty or wet carpets
– Pooled water in the basement
– Roof flashings
– Damaged roof tiles or sheets
– Substandard or degraded waterproofing membranes

Our services include      

Roof Leakage Repair  

Most people only realise the importance of having a properly done roof after a leakage or damage to the roof caused them to replace their whole roof. Therefore, it is important to have a waterproof roof and a good drainage system, in order to save unnecessary time and money spent on repairs. If you are unfamiliar or have any doubts, you can consult us, and we can advise you on the possible solutions for your home. A roof must withstand weather change, be made of a good quality material, and have good durability.

Roof Tiles Repair / Restoration

Different materials are available for roof tiles, commonly locally available ones such as slate, concrete, plastic, or clay. Roof tiles commonly require replacement when replacing the damaged ones, fixing the tiles by applying glue or any fixing material, or repairing the cracked tiles which provide a path for water to flow through the ceiling. Do consider coating your roof tiles in order to prevent such damages and enjoy other benefits that come with it. You can find out more on our roof coating services below.

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Roof Tile Coating 

Have you noticed the difference between newly done up roofs, and those that have been there for months or even years without any maintenance? If you realise the difference in colour or the roofs, this is due to the dirt caused by climate change and pollution. The best way for you to protect the roofs of your office or house, is through roof tile coating which most people happen to be unaware of. Not only do we provide a coating that protects and extends the life of your roof, but one that can also lower energy costs and reduce roof temperatures by 40°-76° through nano technology.

RC Roof (Reinforced Concrete)

The demand for RC roofs has increased recently as it is cheap, durable, and strong. RC roofs are very resistant to different climates and do not get over heated in hot temperatures. They include flat roofs, slating, lead works and re-roofing. At Design Cliniq, we are here to advise you on which roof will better suit your home, and which material you should go for in order to enjoy long lasting and cost saving benefits. 

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